Exhibition design

GEDOK Mitteldeutschland e.V. / Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig

Untold and Invaluable

In the historic rooms of the Old Town Hall, visitors are invited to discover countless exhibits of various styles, as well as paintings and other precoius works of art from many centuries. They tell the story of the city, of electors and kings, councillors and mayors, reformers and professors, composers and poets – buth with only very few women among them. In response, GEDOK Mitteldeutschland e.V. called on female artits of all disciplines to creatively engage with women’s visbilitiy in Leipzig’s History. A corporate design was developd for the resulting exhibition, which was implemented across the board. The intervention’s theme was translated into the design by choosing two sans serif typeface – one stylistically objective, the other rather angular despite its soft mouldings –, disrupting previously established patterns and perspectives by introducing sharp edges, as well as two distinctive colours, visible even from a distance.

Poster, display wall in the entrance area of the festival hall (1.00 x 2.50 m), captions for the art objects, banner for outdoor advertising (5.85 x 0.70 m), slider for social media, invitation cards, accompanying 8-page-leaflet, exhibition catalog in the form of a postcard book, screen-printed cloth bag