Hentrich & Hentrich Verlag Berlin

Chava Pressburger

The book looks at the life and work of the artist Chava Pressburger. The first part of the publication, which includes biographical information, explanations and interpretations of her work, is printed in black and white, while the second part including reproductions of her work is printed in four colors. Text, headlines and titles of the artworks are set in a quiet serif typeface, chosen in accordance with the restrained nature of her work; merely the image information including size and technique are set in a sans serif font.

Most of the photographs of the artworks were taken by me, on site at the artist's studio in Omer/Israel. The arrangement of the images was undertaken in accordance with the works respective serialization and the technique used in the production process.

Artist’s monograph in the size 21.5 x 31 cm, paperback, 178 pages, 142 illustrations.