Hentrich & Hentrich Verlag Berlin

Foodguide Jewish Cuisine

For the Foodguide Jüdische Küche, 4 authors take a twofold approach to Jewish cuisine: on the one hand, they explore the fundamentals of Jewish food and cooking, such as dietary laws, festivals and traditions. On the other hand, they dig into culinary similarities and differences between Germany and Western, Southern, Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, each chapter offers a selection of suggested places where the reader might go to discover contemporary Jewish cuisine.

The modern food guide was printed in a sans serif font that varies in size and type style for the text, margin column, headings, and emphases. Each of the 5 chapters is coded with a different colour, offering orientation by means of headings, icons, as well as fixed and dynamic running titles. A total of 13 distinct icons identify, for example, restaurants, cafés, ice cream shops, or supermarkets. Information such as addresses, websites or social media accounts are displayed in the margin column, which is also set in the respective chapter's colour. The book is supplemented by a glossary. (Cover image and design: M. Schreckhaas)

Size 16.5 x 24 cm, softcover, 180 illustrations and photographs.