Short Judaism Studies

Textbook in the size 16.5 x 24 cm, hardcover, 184 pages, 34 illustrations, German with Hebrew translations of terms and prayers.

Hentrich & Hentrich Verlag Berlin

A book both for institution-based learning and self-conducted studies, self-published in 1984, reissued. The original structure has been retained, while the design has been adapted to today's readers' preferences by using of two complementary serif fonts for text and headings, as well as a sans serif font for chapter headings. Running titles were added for easier orientation; they are highlighted in blue like all headlines, with the exception of the chapter headlines. Emphasis was mostly maintained and discarded only if it disturbed the reading flow too much. The image section, previously arranged for technical printing reasons, was dissolved and 34 newly selected illustrations, including five from my own photo archive, were assigned to the respective texts throughout the publication.