Song of Songs

Book in the size of 16.4 x 23.4 cm. 104 pages and 13 illustrations by the artist Astrid Saalmann, edited by Andreas Nachama and Marion Gardei.

Hentrich & Hentrich Verlag Berlin

For the book, the serif font of Bodoni was chosen, set in ragged alignment. The illustrations are accompanied by the adaption of Max A. Klausner. The speakers were highlighted by an initial, the font style Condensed and red colour. Further structures were marked by a light green star. Martin Luther's translation of the original Hebrew text were also set in a serif font. The numerals of the eight paragraphs of the German text are likewise initialled, further counts are raised, subheadings have been placed in Condensed font style. In the Hebrew text the subheadings were highlighted by larger script and Bold font style.