In the centre, the human being

The art catalogue in size 24 x 30 cm shows 108 pictures of the artist Elisabeth Naomi Reuter (Repro-photos by Lea Gryze).

Hentrich & Hentrich Verlag Berlin

The oil paintings and drawings mostly emanate a calmness, and so a restrained serif font was chosen for the captions, headings, and the text.
The numbers of the images were set in a medieval style, however the page numbers and numbers in the text are composed of regular numerals. To delineate page numbers and frame numbers from each other, the page numbers are arranged on the top right and left.
The images are divided into five thematic areas, the related headings are highlighted by small capitals. The page numbers as well as the image information under the image titles are also kept in a gray tone. The inner flaps of the brochure contain the biography and a portrait of the artist, as well as quotes from the introduction.